Who we Are

What we do: Sand Sisters LA is an educational program designed to empower Los Angeles youth be active, healthy and build self-esteem through character building programs. Through our programs outlined below, each avenue strives to make sure each child values their unique qualities that set them apart from others and gives them the tools to be their best selves. Each program strives to empower children to see themselves as confident, strong, intelligent and one-of-a-kind.

Why we do it: Self-esteem is an important determinant of adolescent mental and physical development. Research suggests that children are affected by how much they feel accepted, liked and loved. Much of the influence of an individual’s self-esteem comes from early positive experiences with adults. Helping children develop self-esteem is a matter of helping them gather evidence that they are competent and capable. When adults create opportunities for children to excel and experience success, they are helping children develop a sense of self worth.

  • 52% of girls ages 7-21 are unhappy with their appearance
  • 7 out of 10 girls say pictures of celebrities in the media make them anxious about their bodies
  • During the past 30 years, obesity rates have doubled for adults and preschool children, while tripling among school age children and adolescents in the U.S.
  • Obesity in children and adolescents carries serious health consequences such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, asthma, poor self esteem, depression and more
  • Low self-esteem is a main cause of depression, which 35 million people suffer from worldwide

How we make a difference:

  • After School Enrichment Program: Sand Sisters Los Angeles is a youth program designed to encourage children to lead active and healthy lives. We offer three 10 week enrichment programs in independent schools: Yoga, Character Building & Mindfulness and Oceanography. Our lessons are based on our belief in respect, high self-esteem, Los Angeles community involvement, nature and being active. 
  • Summer Beach Camp: Sand Sisters Los Angeles holds a youth beach camp, Monday through Friday during the summer season. The program promotes health and wellness and nurtures children to connect with the ocean on a deeper level through the confidence they gain while engaging in water sport activities. The camp provides a happy, healthy, compassionate and safe environment for the campers to blossom at their own pace. Each week is unique but includes: 
    • Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Board, Yoga
    • Sand Games: Spud, Prisoner, Flag Football, etc.
    • Craft: Dream Catchers, Wind Chimes, Paint on Canvas, etc.
    •  Team Building Exercises & Group Projects
  •  Youth Outreach: Sand Sisters Los Angeles partners with nonprofit organizations who help children and teens with self-esteem issues. At a dedicated beach site, girls are empowered to be strong and active women through a yoga, surf and craft activities. Activities inspire girls to be strong females and believe in themselves through talking about healthy eating habits, daily workouts, settings goals, working hard to reach those goals and feeding the soul by participating in activities the girls like to do. The girls not only have a fun day at the beach, they become stronger, braver and inspired to believe in themselves.
  • Free Elective Course: Sand Sisters Los Angeles also holds free elective classes catered to independent middle school students to discuss self-esteem issues and share their feelings in hopes they will view themselves in a positive way afterward.
  • Community Involvement: Sand Sisters Los Angeles is a partner in TOMS Shoes community awareness projects, World Sight Day and One Day Without Shoes. Monthly community events are also planned with local businesses such as our Yoga & Goal Setting Workshop, hosted by Sand Sister LA, with involvement from Sweaty Betty, TOMS, The Created Co. and more.