Barbie Herron: Leader of her pack By: Tedi Serge

Barbie Herron and kids
Barbie Herron and kids

It all starts with a motto that can never lead you astray, “All we have is today, live it.” Live through the days of struggle, the days of fighting for survival, the days of building a loving family and the days of accepting self love. Pushing through the tough days and persevering proves to always land you on top in more ways than one. Our first inspiring woman is one who shares her past with her head held high and shares her visions of the future with stars in her eyes. This woman is Barbie Herron, Co-Owner of Head Regal; a brand that has soul and style. She is also an incredible mother of three, local badass, and PTA volunteer.

Barbie was born and raised on a ranch in Malibu, a barefooted, beach girl who had a love affair with the mountains and the sea. Growing up her mentors weren’t human, but rather superhuman, like Stevie Nicks, the idolized singer songwriter whom Barbie refers to as her “spirit animal.” With a lack of role models in her everyday life, Barbie turned to music for inspiration and an outlet to find her own way. At 16 she became a mom and this was the first time she felt unconditional love. The love she felt toward her first son, Lyon, was so deep, she knew it was time to form a sisterhood around her to help raise her family.

“Everything I do, is to set an example for my kids.”

The support of strong women was a part of Barbie and Lyon’s journey from the start on a daily basis. By being physically and emotionally present, Barbie and her crew built a strong foundation of love, respect and loyalty during Lyon’s upbringing, which is transparent in the man he is today. Barbie remembers the days when her and her best friends would walk down the street with Lyon all holding hands, a loving united front.

Lyon was diagnosed with Gardner Syndrome, a rare form of cancer, which led Barbie all over the world exploring Eastern Medicine looking for a cure. They are still fighting this battle today. Barbie’s fuel for life is her children. She also has two more beautiful children Harper and Bella, who bring so much joy to her life.

When asked, “Have you always been a confident female?” Barbie replied, “At 37 there was a huge shift in my life. In that shift, I accepted my fate. I had just left a divorce behind me and since I was from a nontraditional family, I never felt respected. I didn’t feel worthy of love, success, or happiness. The earlier you accept your flaws the better off you will be.”

Barbie Herron
Barbie Herron

During this time of hardship, Barbie went over to her friend and future business partner’s house, Amber Laforet. She was building a headboard and right when Barbie walked in the room she realized “we should be making these.” After receiving interest from multiple people, they put their savings together and started building and selling headboards one at a time. To let you know how cool these headboards are, their first headboard was sold to Beck and is now in his daughter’s bedroom. Impressive, right?

While pursuing their passion for artistry, creation and entrepreneurship, Barbie and Amber established Head Regal. They created a home and accessories line that showcased their “hippie-bohemian-beach-cowgirl-punk personalities…in an elegant, comfortable way.” The women did not want to lose their identities after having children (there are 5 kids between them) and they also wanted to keep family tradition in their homes in the aftermath of divorce. Head Regal is now a prosperous business that not only has amazing products, but has a soul to it’s purpose and a community it supports.

While interviewing this beautiful human being, I saw a confident woman who leads life in a way that took years of knowledge and experience to become. She starts every day with a meditation and that sets the tone for her mind, body, and soul.

“I am always wanting to be proactive about going from mentally selfish to mentally selfless.”

Since starting Head Regal, the sister-like duo put their products to selfless use by starting Cozy Courage, a non-profit providing their kantha fuzz blankets to children undergoing cancer treatment. 100% of donations are put toward the production and distribution of blankets to children with long hospital stays, in local hospitals and hospitals across the U.S. Barbie also started the Lyon Heart Foundation, helping single mothers with children who have rare forms of cancer receive funding, education and support. She is also a public speaker sharing her inspiring stories with others and volunteers in PTA.

“It is all about giving back. Philanthropy is the key to success.”

When asked what advice she would give girls about following their dreams, work ethic, and friendships with women she replied, “Nurture your dreams. Go to school and use that time to see where your strengths are. Take that strength and add passion to it. A good work ethic can be learned but is enate in the leaders and trailblazers we all know.” She also says to, “Show up for life! Be accountable and honest. Always keep your word and value people’s time.”

In a world where we tend to tear each other apart, knowing that relationships with women are important is key to having quality friendships. “Listen to your intuition about women, or anybody. I have a handful of quality friends and they are my sisters,” Barbie said. “In relationships with women forgiveness is really important. Forgive women, it’s only going to hurt you in the end. “

And lastly, I asked what is the key to life? Barbie replied, “Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes. Always be nice. Kindness radiates beauty. Kindness outweighs vanity.” And what a kind, radiant, beautiful person Barbie is. She is a inspiration and power source of love, strength and light. May we all take her insight to heart and be supportive sisters, mothers and friends in our communities. And remember, all we have is today, live it.

Author:Tedi Serge Editor:Sonya Serge