Digging Deep: Andrea Rehrig’s Words

Digging Deep;
Andrea Rehrig’s Words
Andrea RehigIt’s Wednesday. That means Survivor: Cambodia Second Chance is on. Have you ever wondered who is behind the scenes on one of the most watched shows in television history? Well her name is Andrea Rehrig, and she is one of Survivor’s producers. Andrea is a creative, happy, loving, and professional 35 year old woman from Kansas City, Mo. She now resides in sunny Santa Monica, Ca but is alway traveling around the world for work and for pleasure. I met her at a beach yoga session years ago and it was one of those Nasmaste moments meaning, “I see the light in you.” With the power and value of woman boss and leader being on the rise I wanted to shared Andrea’s words with you because she gets it.
Growing up who were your mentors? My parents and my big sister. And Jem (she’s truly outrageous). 

How would you describe yourself as a little girl?  I was a very imaginative child, who loved to create things. I would “build” anything from limousines made of shoeboxes, to robots made of grocery bags and duct tape. I also had 2 imaginary friends, Misty and Crystal (I think). They lived on my shoulders. 

 How do you think others would have described you? Your parents and also your peers. My parents would have said I was “an artist”, as I did love to draw and make things. They also believed that my sensitivity came with the artist territory. I was pretty sensitive as a child, which looking back on now, I don’t believe is a bad thing at all. I think my early sensitivity actually made me stronger as I grew older, yet allowed me to grow into a compassionate adult. 

Have you always been confident? If so what gave you confidence and if not when did you make a change and start loving yourself and honoring your body? I feel that I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by loving, accepting, and encouraging family members and friends since an early age. They made me feel comfortable enough to be myself, so that was all I knew growing up; to just be myself. I feel it’s at a later age when we begin to become more self-conscience about ourselves, our bodies, etc. It’s then when I think we really need to dig deep to remind ourselves how wonderful we are, how wonderful we always have been, and nothing has changed so we need to continue to strive to be ourselves because that is our most important truth. 

What do you do for yourself on a daily basis to be the best you? I try to eat right, get some sort of exercise (preferably outdoors if possible), keep a positive attitude (because honestly, a negative one doesn’t do anyone any good), and smile. Exercise and being in nature are really big for me. It can be a weekend camping trip, or a 20 minute walk outside. I always feel better after being outdoors. 

What advice would you give young girls about achieving their dreams, work ethic, and friendships with women?Dreams~ People say it all the time, but it’s 100% true~ no dream is EVER too big! If you can dream it, you can do it. I know that sounds like a bad inspirational bumper sticker, but the reason adults say that to young people (and people of all ages, really) is because it’s true. Think about the guy who thought up cell phones, or the internet. At that time people would have thought they were crazy and that it could never happen, but look at us now. How did we ever even get by without these two things!! 
Work Ethic~ You have to be willing to put in the work. You are worth it, your dreams are worth it. Work hard, play hard. No complaining. Be grateful. Always give 110% no matter what task is at hand, whether it’s washing a car, cleaning your room, learning to surf, or studying for a test at school. Each of these things are as important as the next, as they all teach you discipline and work ethic that will come in handy your entire life. 
Friendships with women~ So important! Everyone needs support in life, and some of the best support for girls of all ages are girlfriends. That doesn’t mean we have to have a flock of females following around us everywhere we go. I actually find that all you need is a handful; maybe 2-3 really good, really close friends who you can trust with your life and whose company you enjoy. Choosing our friends is a big one, because if you’ve done it right, they’ll be around forever. 

Where do you see yourself in one year? That’s a tough one! Given the nature of my job, I rarely know where I’ll be next month. However there are a few things that may be working in the year to come. Maybe buying my first house (or saving money to do so at least), traveling (seeing the world is my passion), and spending quality time with the people that matter most. 
How do you feel being a role model for so many people around the world? People around the world!??! That is extremely flattering and humbling at the same time. It makes me feel validated, lucky, and it inspires me to work even harder! 
What is something positive you are doing for your community?  I’ve been active in the past with environmental organizations such as Surfrider Foundation, helping out with events such as beach cleanups. Even when I’m busier with work and can’t attend these events, I always take time to pick up trash and litter on the beach, street, or wherever I see it on a day to day basis in order to keep the community healthy and happy.
What’s the motto you live by? You only live once. Make it count, and keep in mind the person you want to be remembered for being.