New Year: New You or the Old You?

New Year: New You or the Old You?

FullSizeRender-2         January, a time for introspections and reflections, leads us to questions like: Who are we? Where are we going? What do we want out of this life? Who do we want to do it with? The magnifying glass is on us all right now. Everyone is putting a lot of faith in the next year to come to bring change and inspiration. With the new year in full swing, it leads me to two questions for self reflection: What was wrong with me last year, am I really that bad? and Why do I need a new year to tell me the day to make a change?

All year long I thrive to be the best person I can in every aspect of my life. With the daily pressures coming at me from all directions, sometimes it is hard to not slip up. BUT I remind myself I am only human and I try not to beat myself up on the slip up. We are all souls yearning for permanent bliss, to reach all of our goals, to find feelings of true contentment, peace, quiet, and joy. No one wants to suffer, judge/be judged, or be unhappy. We are all on Earth to be brothers and sisters and make connections with one another. The other day at a church I attend, the monk gave a talk on New Year’s Resolutions. He made the point to let us all know that we are all only capable of so much perfection because we are human and we should not feel guilty for mistakes that have been made. We should blame God a little because he created us and has a sense of humor. I found this statement cute. He said it with a laugh, and the crowd laughed and it was like a huge weight lifted off everyone’s shoulders to know that maybe our mistakes do not define us and they are not entirely our fault.

Resolutions have been flooding social media feeds, and let me tell you, I have a list a mile long of things I want to work on, but now thinking about it I wish I wrote a list of things I loved about my life and about myself first. Why let a new year be a motivation for self-reflection in a negative light. Let’s all keep in mind that we don’t need to wait another year to make changes that make you a better human being. It all only goes up from here.

In the same talk the monk gave advice on what he does for his New Year’s resolution. He picks one word, every year and truly owns it. Once he has made that word/action a part of his practice for the year he adds onto it the next year. Imagine if you did this every year by the time you were 50 you would have an amazing collection of characteristics and accomplishments that truly represent what kind of human you are. So pick one thing, don’t make that list (unless it’s the love list). The list will be created when you have lived your life not hating yourself for being born with a few imperfections. I can’t wait to meet 50 year old me.

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