What do we do now? By: Tedi Serge

What Do We Do Now? By: Tedi Serge
It’s been 48 hours since millions of people united across the world to stand together for human rights as part of the Women’s March Movement. I attended the march in Los Angeles and participated by hosting a nonprofit informational booth for Sand Sisters LA, my youth empowerment and self-esteem building organization for girls. Throughout the march I cried, I laughed, I got mad, I felt at peace and I felt connected but I was still left wondering, “What do we do next?”
Here are 3 things we can do next!
1) Celebrate small victories. If you write a letter to Congress one day during your lunch break. Celebrate that. If you call your City Council and start a conversation about ANYTHING. Celebrate that. If you help a coworker complete a project. Celebrate that. If you picked up some trash off the ground and recycle it. Celebrate that. If you got a belly laugh in with your friends today. Celebrate that. Celebrate and be grateful for all of the positive you have in your life and you will attract more of it.
2) Get or stay involved. I don’t think we totally grasp the idea of how powerful our voice is. Volunteer in your community. Find a nonprofit organization that needs your passion and time or donations. Your talents and voice won’t go unnoticed.
3) Speak Up. Continue to be kind and peaceful in your everyday life. Stand up for yourself and the people around you. If you see something happen in the work place, at school or in public that is not kind or alarming, say something! We all have a responsibility to look after one another. In the end we are stronger together.

After seeing a successful peaceful protest with so many likeminded and loving individuals marching side by side, my faith was restored in humanity. Remember that this movement is a marathon, not a sprint. I will continue to remind myself to not lose hope by celebrating our small victories and staying involved in human rights causes.