Top 5 Springtime Favorites by Sonya Serge, Sand Sisters Los Angeles

imgresHappy Spring Equinox everyone! With our favorite change of seasons, we are blessed to also experience a full solar eclipse and Super Moon on the same day, all three phenomenons marking the coming of Spring. Just as this season is celebrated as a time of renewal, so is this rare occurrence in the sky. It is a special reminder that our days of Winter are gone and our days of Spring will evolve to be brighter and longer.

Spring makes us want to jump for joy, dive into the depths of the ocean, dance, release the tension we have been holding in and spend time outside. Here is a list of our favorite things Springtime means to us.

1. Crisp & Clean: The moment you look around at the green vegetation growing and blue skies above, your lips can finally say, “SPRING HAS SPRUNG.” The green grass and flower buds bring instant gratitude. Deep breaths hold a new meaning when you can go outside after work for a sunset stroll and feel in your body the cleansing of the air.

2. Change: With feeling fresh, comes feeling renewed. Spring is a time to come out of hibernation, shed Winter’s thick skin and peel off the layers of the sluggish person we do not want to be anymore. Spring is an opportunity to move forward into who you want to become. The clean and crisp air mention above is a new source of energy. The oxygen that fills you from your head to your toes ignites recognition to be cleansed and renewed.

3. Bright Light: What’s better than being able to be outside until 8:00pm? NOTHING! More light means more playing, more beach, more swimming, more laughing, more accomplishments, more BBQing, more family memories, more friends, more hiking, more loving, more dancing, more exploring, more traveling, more fun and just plain MORE LIVING!

4. Ocean Love: We have been waiting all Winter to be able to jump into the waves sans wetsuit. No one wants to deal with the full body suction cup that still manages to let bubbles of freezing salt water roll down your back. Spring is a sign the water is warming up and getting ready for a summer of surf, stand up paddle boarding, jumping into the waves and enjoying the Southern California lifestyle.

5. New Friends: When you go outside and plan new activities, you cross paths with amazing new people. It’s important to keep your group of best friends who you trust and can read each others’ minds, but it’s also imperative to make new friends. By making new friends, they open doors to new cultures, food, music, networks, activities, and it makes you grow as a person.

HAPPY SPRING my little Sand Sisters! Let’s put the past behind us and only move forward with our renewed selves. Set goals to be the best person you can be, move your body daily and treat everyone with the same respect you would your parents or teachers. Being nice is cool and by being cool, you’ll attract cool people around you. 🙂



Sonya is the co-owner of Sand Sisters Los Angeles, an all girls youth program designed to encourage girls to lead active and healthy lives through water related activities and self esteem building. Our LA summer camp registration is open now at Check it out!