Where every girl feels seen, valued and heard™

Sand Sisters Los Angeles’ Girl Powerful™ program is a youth empowerment 501(c)3, co-founded by sisters Tedi and Sonya Serge, designed to give females the socio-emotional learning tools to build a strong sense of self. Learn More...

How we make a difference

Sand Sisters Los Angeles mentors predominantly underserved tween girls, ages 8-14, to develop the tools to build a strong sense of self through socio-emotional learning (SEL). Sand Sisters designed the Girl Powerful™ curriculum using SEL to help prioritize a balanced life for tween girls and increase their academic performance, social well-being, and build positive self-esteem. The SEL tools are an influence on each girl’s individual foundation that will carry them into a thriving and balanced adulthood. Engage in our online conversation using the hashtag #GirlPowerful

Workshops Hosted
Girls Impacted
Ongoing campaigns

Your Power Pose Will Empower Underserved Girls

Reaching our goal of $1,000 will provide Girl Powerful™ Journals for 20 underserved girls.

Girl Powerful Virtual Sessions

Suggested donation $100 per 5 week session / $20 per class per student. Must sign up for all 5 sessions. No pop-ins.

Urgent: Pick up your shell phone!

With a goal of $1,000 we will be able to host 20 girls at the beach for our Girl Powerful workshop.

Girl Powerful Brunch

$250 provides a girl access to our 10 week after school enrichment program, at no cost to her family. Our goal is to sponsor 2 girls.

Help Merribeth Give Back in Honor of Her Girl Powerful™ Birthday!

Merribeth wants to help girls her own age. Instead of gifts for her 10th birthday she wants her friends and family to donate to Sand Sisters LA 501(c)3. Merribeth is making an impact at a young age. Join her! All donations are tax deductible.

Share the Love This February!

Reaching our goal of $500 will help expand our programs and efforts sharing the love this February!

Giving Tuesday: Empower Youth with Girl Powerful™ in Q4

$50 sponsors a girl to participate in a workshop. $500 sponsors a girl to participate in a 10 week program. $1,500 sponsors 75 girls to get our Girl Powerful Journal.  All donations are tax deductible.

Crisis Counselor from Sci-Tech High School in Austin, TX Requests Our Programming

Sci-Tech and SSLA share the same values. Girls will leave with tangible tools for their life. - You have valued and worth - You have the ability to make wise decisions - You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

Join Us as We Empower Missouri Youth

Reaching our goal of $3,000 will allow us to bring Girl Powerful curriculum to a new region and provide Girl Powerful programming to 100 underserved girls in Monett and Springfield, Missouri.

Sponsor a Girl to Participate in Sand Sisters LA's Girlpowerful 10 Week Program

Reaching $10,000 allows us to expand our outreach and spread our program to other communities while making every girl feel seen, valued and heard.™

Covid-19 Has Us Stuck at Home - 19 Push up Challenge

Reaching a goal of $500 means you've challenged 10 people to our 19 push-up challenge.

We Need Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Reaching a goal of $500 will ensure we stay open during the covid-19 pandemic in a clean and bacteria-free facility.

GivingTuesday NOW: Join the Global Movement of Good

Reaching our goal of $500 helps us heal together as we show unity during the COVID-19 pandemic on this unique GivingTuesday NOW global Movement.

Make Your Monthly Gift in March!

Reaching a goal of $250 means 25 individuals have joined our family because they believe in our mission and outreach. Help spread our message.

Bring In the Luck This March!

Reaching a goal fo $250 will kick start our fundraising efforts this month to continue our outreach.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Reaching our goal of $500 will help us kick off Memorial Day weekend with a great start!

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