Sand Sisters has helped my daughter develop a strong sense of self. She has learned to journal and use language that helps articulate her emotions. Through reflective exercises and games she is encouraged to celebrate both her and her “sand sisters” individual strengths.

My ten year old daughter has been participating in the Sand Sisters after-school program for 3.5 years and has also participated in several mentor programs organized by Sand Sisters. I am grateful for the love and energy that Tedi, Sonya and the other facilitators have shown her and the other girls in their program. By modeling empathy, concern and confidence they have been exemplary role models.

Sand Sisters LA

Through participation in Sand Sisters #GirlPowerful program, my daughter has been completed their 10 week program and the concept that "girls can do anything" is deeply ingrained in the person she is becoming.

Sand Sisters makes me feel like I belong somewhere. It's WHERE girls can be FREE AND open. Beach, coding, boxing...I'm comfortable here. (age 10)

Sand Sisters brings girl POWER TO ALL OF the girls that need it. It makes me feel good because it makes me happy. I have so much fun! (age 9)

I have been an educator AT the K-12 AND college level FOR 28 years. I think this IS a critical TIME TO support girls IN their socio-emotional development, AS well AS their academic AND leadership development. Now more than ever, girls need TO know that they have many opportunities IN life AND can be strong ON their own, but stronger WITH a community OF sisters AT their side. I am honored TO tell you that I think the work that Sand Sisters IS doing IS empowering AND powerful FOR ALL young women. The materials included IN their #GirlPowerful journals are supportive and developmentally appropriate. (L. Edmondson, Ed.D)